English 10

Communication Plan

Independent Novel Projects

Novel Journal

If you really knew me

Short Story Interactive Unit

Short Story Elements

Plot Components

Identities by W.D. Valgardson

Plot Diagram

Test Story Questions

Literary Terms

Understanding Irony

Conflict Types

Short Story Setting Writing Exercise

Editing Checklist

WATO character study

“The Bum Who Smelled Like a Sandwich” by Johnathan Carroll

Thank you, Ma’am by Langston Hughes

The Bum Who Smelled Like a Sandwich and Thank you Ma’am activities

Genre Lesson

Six Traits Writing Rubric

Language and Communication

Intro to Shakespeare (context)

Persuasive Techniques Matching

Advertising Strategies

Planet Perfect Persuasive Writing Task

Samples of Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Essay Outline

Ad Assignment

Media Review

Creating a new society and flag AF

Exploring Propaganda

Propaganda Techniques

Animal Farm altering the commandments

Animal Farm Character Profile Assignment

An Introduction to Poetry

Poetry Glossary



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