Food & Hospitality 12

Food 12 Course Outline

Food Studies and Hospitality 12 Outcomes

Canada’s Food Guide

Food Lab Report


Kitchen Safety and First Aid Assignment

Kitchen Safety Posters

Knife Skills

Knives and Knife Skills worksheet

Kitchen Hygiene Qs

Food Studies in the News

Food Studies in the News Assignment

Meal Management Web Activity

Food Sensitivity Assignment

Food Story Activity

Biography of Food

TED Talks What’s Wrong With What We Eat (website)

TED Talks Food Issues (assignment)

Video Analysis

Baking Ingredient Science



Tasting Day





Why Does Cooked Food Taste Good?

Cooking Methods Chapter Text

Cooking Methods Graphic Organizer

Food and Hospitality 12 Project

Food and Careers Assignment

An Overview of Different Restaurant Types

Customer Service in the Restaurant Industry


Food Insecurity in Canada



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