Mi’kmaw Studies 10

MKS 10 Course Outline

Mi’kmaw Studies 10 Curriculum Outcomes


Body Ritual Among the Nacirema

Nacirema Discussion Questions

The Peopling of the Americas Intro PPT

The Peopling of the Americas Intro Notes for PPT

Peopling Theories


First Peoples of Canada

Canada’s First Peoples

First Peoples Map

When the World Began Assignment

Mi’kmaw Place Names

Mi’kma’ki and Early Lifestyle

The Seven Districts of Mi’kma’ki

Contact and Colonization

Contact and Colonization Student Notes

Reserves Map Assignment

Intro Unit Test Review

Culture SCOs

Intro to Culture

Culture Definitions


WebQuest Info

“I Lost My Talk” by Rita Joe

Language and Culture Article

Language and Culture Qs

From Legends to Modern Media

Rock Art, Petroglyphs & Pictograms

Who Are the Elders (article)

Respect for Elders (article)

Elders in Aboriginal Communities (questions)

Aboriginal Women (article)

Spirituality and the Role of Women

Aboriginal Women (questions)

“The Relationship” Drew Hayden Taylor

News Stereotypes of Aboriginal Peoples

Portrayal of Aboriginal People Assignment

Media Smarts website: great resource for learning about stereotypes and media representations


Spirituality Definitions

The Creation Story by Stephen Augustine-Four Directions Teachings

Creation Story Transcripts

The Big Myth: Creation Stories from Around the World

Mikmaq Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality and Organized Religion Questions


Concordat Assignment

Worldview info for Worldview Essay







The Evolution of Mi’kmaq Education info

Historical Context of Residential Schools

Statement of Apology, 2008 (text)

Statement of Apology, 2008 (video)

The Evolution of Education Qs

Political Cartoons

Cartoon Analysis

Stephen Harper apology cartoon



Political Spectrum Basics

Governing a Nation

Evolution of Mikmaw Governance assignment

Talking Circle


Royal Proclamation of 1763


Indian Act

Section 35 of the Constitution Act





Mi’kmaw Studies 10 Exam Outline







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