Diigo and Evernote and Twitter–Oh My…I Will Take Lions and Tigers and Bears…

As stated in the about section, this space is dedicated to learning. For me, students, colleagues, friends, and anyone who stumbles in by action or accident.  So this past week has been a whirlwind of reading, lurking (I am not actually ready for full-fledged tweeting) and trying to negotiate my way through a myriad of technology and social media applications that might transform me into a “connected teacher”.

I have learned a new vocabulary: Flipboard, Evernote, flipped classrooms, flat classrooms, Diigo, tweetchat, pro-sumer, webclipper

I have enrolled in “Emerging Trends & Technologies in the Virtual K-12 Classroom” on Coursera.

I have created a Personal Learning Network list on Twitter.

I have read up on blog etiquette and design.

I have lurked through chats on Twitter that made me dizzy. (#engsschat, #edchat)

I have decided that Evernote with EverClip works for me and my various gadgets…for now.

And, I am of two minds:

This is absolute insanity.                        OR                               This is absolute genius.